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Executive Chef /Owner

jeff strom, chef koho bistroJeff Strom’s love for food exploded into a culinary career over twenty years ago. Just like everyone else he started in the dish pit and moved his way up. He was born in Spokane, Washington and left on a whim to Eugene with his best friend, Jeremy Taylor ten years ago.

His experiences include some of the top restaurants in Spokane, Washington. He has worked at Marche, as the head chef that helped open the flagship Market of Choice in Woodfield Station, night banquet chef at Eugene County Club, Sous Chef at Guckenheimer, member of the Chef’s Brigade at Playboy Mansion West, and the most recent stint as the Executive Chef at Agate Alley Bistro and Agate Alley Laboratory.

Jeff attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. His dedication earned him class valedictorian with a GPA of 4.0. With this he was able to secure an externship at the Playboy Mansion West in Beverly Hills. With his skills and dedication he was offered a position shortly after his arrival. The Playboy Mansion was everything that you could imagine! He was working there while they were filming the original “Girls Next Door” and if you are lucky he may share some of his wild stories. Even with all the excitement, Los Angeles was not Jeff’s cup of tea and he decided to move back to Eugene. He still is able to visit the Playboy Mansion anytime he wants.

Jeff lives and breathes food. He loves trying new techniques and bringing the flavors out in the simplest ingredients. He will try anything and everything and loves taking parts of the animals that are overlooked and making it into something beautiful. Jeff believes in treating all food, whether produce or meat, with respect since the animal sacrificed their life for us and someone spent lots of time and energy into growing the food. It would be a disservice to waste any part of it if we can help it.

Jeff’s experience, skill and passion for food shows through all his creations and Koho will be his new canvas to share with everyone. We are grateful to be part of the incredible Eugene community. Read some of the latest news about Jeff & Koho Bistro.

General Manager/Owner

angela chan, owner koho bistroAngela Chan was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. She literally grew up in the restaurant industry. Her family owns Oriental Village which started in 1980. Her crib and playpen in the office served as her room while her parents worked 14 hour days. Shortly after opening the restaurant her parents decided to try their hand at a food booth. Thirty one years later the restaurant has been sold and the Oriental Village trailer still makes its way around the different festival and events in Lane County dishing out fresh yakisoba noodles and teriyaki chicken. You may still see Angela working the booth during the summer.

As fate would have it, she met her husband Jeff Strom as a waitress at Oriental Village, 2 days after he arrived in Eugene. Jeff must have knew he had a good thing going because he proposed multiples times not long after they got together. Thirteen years later they are happily married and have 2 amazing boys. Kekoa and Kyan. The boys inspires them every day.

Angela is a proud Duck and graduated with a double major in Public Relations, Chinese and a minor in Business. Along with running a restaurant and raising 2 young boys, Angela is very involved with the community. She is on the Steering Committee for the Eugene Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professionals Network, she is also a Co-Chair for Boys and Girls Club Quacks Give Back NFL Event,  along with various other charity groups.